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As we enter 2022, working from home has become just as usual as commuting to the office, and, as with everything else, it has its own perks and challenges that we all are simultaneously exploring.

It is important to make sure we are set up to be productive, so we have put together a few tips to make the most of your home office, because there is no better time to start building (or maintaining) healthy work-habits than as we enter the new year.

The home office guide from opensmjle

1. Pick your workspace and make it comfortable

Creating an ideal environment is the first step to getting ready for work; start by separating your work from leisure areas if possible. It is worth investing in an office chair and a computer stand so your computer screen is at eyesight level; this will do wonders to your back!

Decorate this space to your taste by adding a few things that motivate you and make you happy every time you see them. Such as framed pictures and a nice lamp. At the same time, keep your workspace clean and tidy to have a clear head when focusing on work.

2. Get dressed

It can be very easy to fall into the pyjama trap when working from home. If staying comfortable while being at home is a priority for you, you can always find clothing made from stretchy materials that looks professional and office appropriate, especially if you have virtual meetings to attend to. This will help you set the mood for work while looking more put together and confident. Who better to impress than yourself?

3. Plan out your work day

Set goals to have a clear vision of what should be accomplished before a certain break or end of self-set deadlines. Pick a work schedule that best adjusts to your daily life and stick with it. This is meant to help you maintain habits that will positively impact your weekly routine.

4. Take a screen break

Taking time off of screens is essential for your well-being as well as for staying focused when being back at work. Going outside or focusing your attention on different things other than work helps refresh your mind and relax your eyes. It can also help whenever it feels like you’re stuck on one task you can’t get through. Sometimes regaining that focus is as simple as “looking away” for a few minutes.

5. Eat well – Make time to cook

This activity goes hand in hand with the last piece of advice. Taking a little bit of extra time to make home-cooked meals can not only help freeing your head, but also your overall health. This is one big benefit of working from home since you no longer have to go grab a quick bite to eat at your nearby food joint or supermarket, but you can actually take time to think out your meals (or even create a meal plan), and prepare them during your lunch break.

6. Move your body

Whether it is once a day or twice a week, make sure you take time to move around the way you like best, although it doesn’t always have to mean dedicating a couple of hours to going to the gym or participating in an in person pilates lesson. It can easily be done from the comfort of your own home or even by your desk (yes, during office hours). It is as simple as stretching your body for 10 minutes or doing more intense but short workouts. Taking this type of “active breaks” through your work day can boost your mood, energy levels and reduce stress.

Following and adapting these easy steps will make for a happier and more balanced out working-from-home life. So, why not start today?

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