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A great website is just the beginning

Improve your hotel website conversion

Website design for hotels

A great website is just the beginning.

After all, catchy headlines are often just there to be catchy. In terms of website design for hotels, however, it means exactly what it says: your website is just the beginning.

But, the beginning of what exactly? Your new, professional, and hotel-appropriate website is the start of the digital guest journey. Together, we can bring your ideas to life and literally take your guests by the hand during their journey on your website, no matter where they are.

To facilitate your perfect customer journey, we program your website to be as lean as possible. The visual and emotional structure in combination with fast loading times awakens the desire for a stay in your hotel. By the way, this also increases your direct booking rate.

Get a professional website in a short time

Hotel SaaS Websites

It doesn’t just sound relaxed, it is.

With “Software as a Service” (SaaS) websites, we specialize in working together to get a lean and easy to implement project up and running.

Fun fact: “Teamwork makes the Dreamwork” is not just a wall tattoo. For SaaS projects, this saying is our credo: You provide us with your data and content, we launch the website within 3-4 weeks; depending on the current workload. Don’t forget the customer journey! We have continuously optimized it for your hotel website and offer you the possibility to focus on your storytelling with our design framework.

Present yourselves uniformly yet individually

Hotel group websites

We love hotels. And hotels write stories.

With so many different website models, it’s easy to get lost. That’s why we briefly explain what hotel group websites are all about.

In contrast to websites that usually only represent a single hotel or company, websites for hotel groups or hotel collaboration are a truly individual and unique affair. Each group is different, has different requirements, preferences and needs.

Achieve more direct bookings

Custom hotel websites

Let’s cut to the chase!

Building websites today is really not rocket science anymore. So why spend a lot of money on it? We offer you professional websites with individually programmed solutions at fair prices. On top of that, we even optimize your customer journey! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Launch your custom corporate website

Websites for startups and SMEs

Better websites for everyone!

And especially for all start-ups and SMEs who are looking to redesign the existing website or directly build a new one. We have something for you.

In the corporate website area we offer you our SaaS models from € 79 per month. Fast, lean and in your design. Hosting included. And the best part? Depending on your workload, your website will be live within 3-4 weeks. It couldn’t be easier!

Turn your followers into customers

The linktree

The only link you’ll ever need.

Our Linktree allows you to link to the most important pages of your website without violating the imprint obligation. With the specially created subpage, you can thus link to all topics that are relevant to you and your community at a glance.

Projects we already managed

There is so much more to see! You can find the latest references here.

Ideal for

  • Small hotels
  • Hostels
  • Inns
  • Boarding Houses & Serviced Apartments

One-time implementation: From € 650
Contract period: 12 months, thereafter it can be canceled monthly
Included: 1 language & up to 10 subpages


  • Technical implementation
  • One-time maintenance of texts, images, videos
  • Use of our design demo as template
  • Adaptation to CI of the hotel
  • Test Responsive Design & corrections
  • Customization Customer Journey & Conversion
  • Integration Google Analytics
  • Adoption of meta titles & descriptions
  • Integration booking engine
  • 301 Redirect of URLs


  • € 99 Integration cookie banner
  • € 9 per month SaaS usage cookie banner
  • From € 12 per month SaaS usage cookie banner (depending on number of domains and subpages)
  • € 49,50 Setup Linktree subpage
  • € 5 per month for setup & handling Google Data Studio
  • € 149 Setup Google Analytics & Search Console

Ideal for

  • Medium sized hotels in the 3-4 star range
  • Hotels with outlets (e.g. restaurant, wellness & conferences)

One-time implementation: From € 1.100
Contract period: 12 months, thereafter it can be canceled monthly
Included: Up to 2 languages & 20 subpages each


All services of the basic package +

  • Selection from all existing designs and compilation according to the
  • Customer Journey
  • Customer Journey optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Storytelling optimization
  • Integration of typical hotel software via transmitted HTML


  • € 99 Cookie notice integration
  • € 9 per month SaaS cookie banner usage
  • From € 12 per month SaaS cookie banner usage (depending on number of domains and subpages)
  • € 49,50 Linktree subpage setup
  • € 5 per month setup & handling of Google Data Studio
  • € 149 Setup Google Analytics & Search Console

Ideal for

  • Hotels in the 4-5 star range
  • Hotels with a range of outlets (e.g. restaurant, wellness & conferences), local partners & continuous storytelling

One-time implementation: From € 2.150
Contract duration: 12 months, thereafter it can be canceled monthly
Included: Up to 3 languages & 30 subpages each


All services of the premium package +

  • Creation of a portfolio overview & linked page templates
  • Creation of up to 3 templates for additional subpages
  • Keyword analysis for German & English
  • Revision of meta titles & descriptions based on keywords


  • € 99 integration cookie banner
  • € 9 per month SaaS cookie banner usage
  • From € 12 per month SaaS cookie banner usage (depending on number of domains and subpages)
  • € 49,50 Setup Linktree subpage
  • € 5 per month setup & handling Google Data Studio
  • € 149 Setup Google Analytics & Search Console
  • € 149 Setup Analytics & Search Console


Free integration of the TrustYou Meta Review widget to present positive reviews on your website:

  • TrustYou offers you a website widget that gives you an overall view of all relevant review portals on one dashboard.
  • It helps you to better understand your guests and thus to make more targeted business decisions.
  • By the way: by publishing reviews you can increase your direct bookings.

Additional TrustYou features can be added at any time for a fee.

Cost-free integration of the Quicktext AI chatbot for better conversion and serving of the most important FAQ requests on the website. Quicktext’s artificially intelligent chatbot provides you with an automated service in your native language and in English. It increases the number of direct bookings and saves your operational time! It is a useful tool for your guests as it supports them in the booking process and helps them make the booking decision. Using Quicktext chatbot is proven to lead to more direct bookings.

Included in the free package are:

  • Website Chatbot
  • Simple booking queries
  • Automation of the 20 most important FAQs
  • 75 monthly queries
  • 2 languages (English +1)
  • E-mail notification for reservation requests

Additional features can be added to Quicktext at any time.

More direct revenue – with Autopilot. By analyzing hundreds of data points in real time, Autopilot shows guests relevant messages to encourage them to make a direct booking.

Highlights of this package:

  • No manual setup. Autopilot does all the work – on all devices.
  • Saved search: let visitors receive an email with their selected data.
  • TrustYou Reviews: Highlight relevant reviews as social proof.
  • Personalized scarcity and urgency notifications with real-time stats.
  • Newsletter sign-up: collect visitors’ email addresses and stay in touch.
  • Monthly performance reports.

Benchmark the key metrics of your direct sales channel.

The unique interactive platform allows you to benchmark the performance of your direct booking channel against the market and competitors. Thanks to access to previously unavailable comparative data, you can:

  • Analyze and compare over 30+ metrics of your direct booking channel.
  • Learn from a global hotel network thanks to multiple, dynamic comp sets.
  • Break down the entire user journey to see where you are over- or under-performing.
  • Gain actionable insights to identify opportunities to increase direct bookings.

BenchDirect is the first benchmark product of its kind and you get free access, forever.


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