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Uniform yet individual. It can happen that we build a website for the hotel group, but only individual landing pages for the individual hotels. The opposite is also often the case: a simple landing page for the hotel group and individual websites for each individual house.

… At least that’s how a colleague explained it, you know what we mean!

So it’s even more important to know that we specialize in the customer journey in addition to your individual design build and take your future guests by the hand for optimal conversion.

We not only tell your story, but together we find your individual USPs. Our goal is to work out why your guests’ journey should already start on your website.

We are your partner for hotel group websites

This is what The New Yorker Group says

We asked. Our customers have answered. We left out all the negative comments, of course, and wink as we write this sentence.

Our reference for group websites: The New Yorker Group


Free integration of the TrustYou Meta Review widget to present positive reviews on your website:

  • TrustYou offers you a website widget that gives you an overall view of all relevant review portals on one dashboard.
  • It helps you to better understand your guests and thus to make more targeted business decisions.
  • By the way: by publishing reviews you can increase your direct bookings.

Additional TrustYou features can be added at any time for a fee.

Cost-free integration of the Quicktext AI chatbot for better conversion and serving of the most important FAQ requests on the website. Quicktext’s artificially intelligent chatbot provides you with an automated service in your native language and in English. It increases the number of direct bookings and saves your operational time! It is a useful tool for your guests as it supports them in the booking process and helps them make the booking decision. Using Quicktext chatbot is proven to lead to more direct bookings.

Included in the free package are:

  • Website Chatbot
  • Simple booking queries
  • Automation of the 20 most important FAQs
  • 75 monthly queries
  • 2 languages (English +1)
  • E-mail notification for reservation requests

Additional features can be added to Quicktext at any time.

More direct revenue – with Autopilot. By analyzing hundreds of data points in real time, Autopilot shows guests relevant messages to encourage them to make a direct booking.

Highlights of this package:

  • No manual setup. Autopilot does all the work – on all devices.
  • Saved search: let visitors receive an email with their selected data.
  • TrustYou Reviews: Highlight relevant reviews as social proof.
  • Personalized scarcity and urgency notifications with real-time stats.
  • Newsletter sign-up: collect visitors’ email addresses and stay in touch.
  • Monthly performance reports.

Benchmark the key metrics of your direct sales channel.

The unique interactive platform allows you to benchmark the performance of your direct booking channel against the market and competitors. Thanks to access to previously unavailable comparative data, you can:

  • Analyze and compare over 30+ metrics of your direct booking channel.
  • Learn from a global hotel network thanks to multiple, dynamic comp sets.
  • Break down the entire user journey to see where you are over- or under-performing.
  • Gain actionable insights to identify opportunities to increase direct bookings.

BenchDirect is the first benchmark product of its kind and you get free access, forever.


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