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Zählwerk Apartments

This is what they say:
Zählwerk Apartments

This is what Kristin Antelmann says

“The decision to work with opensmjle was very simple – with opensmjle’s Outsourced Digital Agent programme, we at Zählwerk Apartments get concentrated marketing expertise. We have access to an extremely broad-based team in a flexible hourly framework. An in-house marketing team cannot have this much know-how. In addition to managing the social media presence, the homepage, the creation of print media, opensmjle has already managed various system integrations for us. Everything as an all-round carefree package paired with wit and creativity. The cooperation is not only goal-oriented, it is above all fun!”

Kristin Antelmann, Head of Operations
Zählwerk Apartments

Our task


  • Setup and definition of the customer journey
  • Set-up of Revinate’s CRM solution and handling of marketing campaigns
  • Establishment of reputation management
  • Support for website projects
  • Support of social media content
  • SEO optimization
  • Logo design for re-branding
  • Design work for print and structural designs on the building

Location: Pfaffenhofen an der Ilm, Germany
Team: Elen, Liza, Alex

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