Co-working at Rathenauplatz Cologne with #teamgelb?

Yes, this must be your lucky day.

In the heart of cologne

Co-Working with us

Hej Hej!

Welcome to our office and maybe your new co-working space in one of the coolest streets in Cologne! This is your chance to be a #secretmember of #teamgelb and get a taste of creative digital agency air.

Here’s what you can expect (click to the right)

The Details

What awaits you

We have a total of 4 co-working spaces. Everyone gets their own fix desk – no compromises, you get your own space.

The best part? We have everything your tech heart desires: ultra-fast internet with up to 1,000 Mbit, automatically height-adjustable desks for the productivity queen/king in you and HP monitors at every single desk – so you’re always up to date!

And so that you can comfortably implement your brilliant ideas, super comfortable office chairs are at your service. You even have your own locker for all your important items.

The Details

More rooms for you

It gets even better! We have not just one, but 4 meeting rooms – three of them with white boards for your creative brainstorming sessions.

The Details

Enjoy your time out in our loft kitchen

Of course, there is also a fully equipped kitchen to prepare your food. We also have a bathroom with a shower, so you can cycle to work in an environmentally friendly way.

A cool relaxation area, optional drinks flat rate for coffee and water and a colorful laser printer (also optional) are also on the program.

Can’t believe your luck and want to see it all live? Then contact us now.

Included is:

  • Fix Desk per person
  • Office in a quiet location in the backyard, 200 meters from Rathenauplatz
  • WiFi/LAN with up to 1,000 Mbit
  • Automatic height-adjustable desk with comfortable office chair
  • HP monitor at every workstation
  • Own locker
  • 4 meeting rooms, 3x with white board with pro rata use
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Bathroom with shower
  • Cleaning service

Contract term: per month

299 netto
  • Beverage flat rate at €49 net for water and coffee
  • The flat rate includes up to 40 specialty coffees and 40 liters of still water per month

Use of our color laser printer optionally available. Further flat rates on request!

49 netto
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